Rolling hills
soft sounds

—The Alphorn from the Jura—

An Instrument with high standards

Alphorn construction with enthusiasm. Handmade with precision and manufactured in harmony with the best in modern sound engineering.

We source the wood used to make our instruments from carefully chosen suppliers using sustainable forestry. In this way, we fuse Swiss tradition with the country’s values of sustainability.

JurAlphorn’s wood workshop offers supervised jobs to people in difficult circumstances and contributes to their social and professional integration.

“I find the JurAlphorn, with its pleasant characteristics, to be a very inspiring instrument. Every note is full-bodied and in tune. It is one of the most upscale Alphorns available today.”

In every profession, the first step towards success is taking an interest in it.

(William Osler 1848-1919)
Our interest in making Alphorns began the first time we held one of these unique and heavy instruments in our hands for the first time. As both professional carpenters and hobby musicians, we immediately felt a connection to this special instrument and wanted to produce it ourselves. Producing an instrument of professional caliber was a longer journey than we anticipated. For nearly two years, we developed different prototypes of the JurAlphorn in our workshop in Trimbach at the foot of the Jura mountains. Rainer Egger, a leading producer of historical brass instruments in Basel, helped with the complicated design process.

Dimitri Hauswirth, Carpenter

Rainer Egger, instrument maker

Udo Schäfer, master carpenter

JurAlphorn SUISSE has been a registered trademark under the Swiss Federal Institute for Intellectual Property since 12/10/2015.

“The JurAlphorn impressed us with its light, precise articulation in every register. Its outstanding intonation makes this instrument perfect not only for ambitious musicians, but also for beginners and young alphorn students.”

“The tones respond very well and the sound of the JurAlphorn is extremely clear. For me it was love at first sight.”

An Alphorn often accompanies its musician throughout life, so we recognise that choosing an instrument is a big step. Get to know us, come by the shop and take your time to test and find a JurAlphorn that suits your needs. We are happy to answer any further questions by email or telephone under 062 293 09 16.

Our prices and conditions are available here in pdf format.

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